Zeds Dead and Omar LinX – The Living Dead EP

Zeds Dead and Omar LinX – The Living Dead EP


Zeds Dead & Omar Linx released the latest installment of their collaborations today. Appropriately titled The Living Dead’, the EP is more of what you’ve come to expect from ZD and Omar, but with a little twist. The four song release sounds like it should be the soundtrack to a 2012 remake of 28 Days Later or a dubstep version of the “Thriller” video… which I’m really down for because who doesn’t like zombies? Utilizing eerie intros, exaggerated synths and stabbing percussion, Zeds Dead sets up the head banging beat so Omar can come in and lay it to rest. This is the kind of music that’ll have you waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Sweet dreams <3.




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