XI – Joy/Fear EP


Canadian producer XI released his EP Joy/Fear just last month. The EP has heavy influences from the garage, post dub and bass music scenes which help to give it, it’s unique and sound and feel. The title track on the EP Joy/Fear is a heavy dance floor mover that incorporates a chilling inaudible vocal loop and deep ominous bass line. The tracks obvious groundings in garage and bass music really shine though and help to give the track its originality. The rest of the EP has a slightly different vibe still drawing on heavy garage influences. The second track Nightlif has a more mellow feel to it which is highlighted by it’s warm ambient sounding synths and calm humming bass. The last song Antikythera  incorporates elements of drum and bass with an ambient garage approach that comes together to make a perfect late night come down song. The EP is a great example of where the future of music is headed and serves as a amalgamation of growing world genres.

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Posted on July 12, 2012 in Bass, Future Garage, Garage, Music

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