Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War EP Review


Wolfgang Gartner has been a force to be reckoned with these last few years. Since his self-imposed war on albums, earlier this year, he’s taken to releasing a string of singles, which have all been more successful than the last. He released Redline, There And Back, Flexx, and a few more under this new mantra. Yet, seemingly unfulfilled with the singles market, he stormed back into the album game once again, releasing the full length Back Story, a collection of his early tracks and a few unreleased gems. Then almost a month later, he’s back with a completely new two track EP on Ultra, Love & War, proving once again, that as an original track master, he’s one of the finest.

Clearly, Wolfgang’s early tracks have been on his mind, as the title track, Love & War sounds like a clear callback to an earlier time of electro-glitchy awesomeness. Fused with his signature screaming lead melodies, this track really represents the journey he’s taken, and how far he’s come. It manages to stay true to Wolfgang’s distinctive roots, while also calling out and loudly setting the trends to come, like so many other Wolfgang originals.

Nuke, on the other hand, further defines the road he’s traveling on. Using 8-bit stabs, found-sound style alarm sounds, and driving electro bass, Wolfgang returns with his sorely missed main room destroyer (think Illmerica, Animal Rights, or Space Junk). Nuke is the new battle cry, the new call to arms. The only question now: are you grabbing your pitchforks and joining him?

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Posted on September 17, 2012 in Electro, Electro House, House, Music, Reviews

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