Video Teaser: Zomboy – The Dead Symphonic EP

Video Teaser: Zomboy – The Dead Symphonic EP

Zomboy is one of the premier producers of the heavier side of dubstep, or ‘brostep’ as some call it. As the style blew up last summer, Zomboy was near the forefront and released his Game Time EP, which was at that time a game changer and gained him international acclaim. Since then though, Zomboy has been sitting quietly in the dark, waiting in the wings to strike with a full arsenal of beats. Not quite dead, like most Zombies, Zomboy is ready to come out of the woodwork with ‘The Dead Symphonic‘ EP on Never Say Die Records, which features 6 supremely produced tracks. Fans of Kill The Noise, Skrillex, Knife Party and the like will surely enjoy the EP. Peep the teaser below.

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