UZ – Balltrap Muzic Vol. 1

UZ – Balltrap Muzic Vol. 1


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UZ‘s long awaited Balltrap mixtape is finally upon us! Red Bull has teased this mixtape for months now, building the hype to a boil, but let me be the first to tell you the hype is real. Balltrap is more of the same carnal drum beats and slimy snyths, but taken to the next level. Although the mixtape has a few unreleased collaboration with producers likes of SalvaBaauer, Djemba Djemba, and Arnold, the mixtape is mostly comprised of beats you’ve probably heard already. The real allure of Balltrap are the verses. UZ brought on a number of young-gun Hip-Hop artists to rap over his beats, breathing new life into the instrumentals. Ridin, grindin, flyin music… this tape covers all the essentials.

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