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Urulu is an evocative and talented young producer out of L.A. his stripped down classic house feel accompanied by his modern soulful aura eludes to an era of simplicity and beauty in house music. Urulu’s last EP ‘Across the Sky‘ gained him much deserved attention and notoriety as a producer. The EP was an instant hit amongst the classic house heads who crave that retro 1990’s house style. Urulu’s forthcoming EP ‘Since 91‘ is sure not to disappoint as well. The EP set to release off of Exploited at the end of the month is due to gain this talented young artist much more exposure and praise. The soulful vocals and low slung bass lines of the EP come together to make a timeless, smooth vibe reminiscent of that of early 90’s house. Below we have a preview of the 4 track EP, After listening be sure to support Urulu via the provided links below.

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Posted on July 24, 2012 in Dance, House, Music

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