Upcoming Event: Amon Tobin @ House of Blues [San Diego, 9/27]


Credit: Calder Wilson

As one of the most influential electronic music artists in the world, the Brazilian Amon Tobin‘s creativity knows no bounds, and his success has been wildly documented. Between the 7 studio albums, the countless records and scores he’s made for movies and video games, and the groundbreaking nature of his LIVE shows, Amon has certainly carved out a large niche in the industry that only he can fill, and it’s even more prevalent when you take a listen to his actual music production. His latest album ISAM is far from dance music, in fact some may argue that it’s hardly music, but it’s purely electronic in nature, and definitely music if you think about music at it’s most natural state – sound organized through time. Amon’s style is unique in it’s own, incorporating industrial, natural, and futuristic sounds and themes to form a technological marriage that no body else in the world can do. Oh, then there’s his live show.

Named after his most recent album, his live ISAM show is probably the most technologically advanced and ‘futuristic’ show in the world, when you take into account the music, stage, and visuals portrayed onto it. After a tour early this year, Amon is taking the ISAM concept back on the road and is marketing it as ISAM 2.0. So even if you already got to see the ISAM setup previously, this one will be different, and even better according to Amon. It’s really not even worth trying to explain, just watch the video below and have at it yourself.

Purchase Tickets to Amon Tobin ISAM 2.0 at the San Diego House of Blues on Thursday, September 27th

Posted on September 18, 2012 in Events

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