Tyson – Mr Rain (Remixes EP)

Tyson – Mr Rain (Remixes EP)

I can’t say I’m a Tyson fan; his voice is a little too over the top for me. However, the Mr. Rain EP looked pretty appealing when the names Claptone and Mano Le Touch appeared in between the parentheses. Claptone’s remix has his almost forgotten, but very familiar deep house bassline while the Mano remix (my favorite of the bunch) takes on a more theatrical and elongated approach.


The full EP includes remixes from Mario Basanov, Ripley, and Sante that can be bought/previewed  on Beatport

Tyson - Mr Rain (Claptone Remix) I Back Yard

Tyson - Mr Rain - Mano Le Tough remix


I’d also like to share a Kidnap Kid remix of an older Tyson track that was a little ahead of its time.

Die on the Dancefloor (Kidnap Kid Remix)



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