Tom Flynn – Be Yourself EP

Tom Flynn – Be Yourself EP

Tom Flynn prides himself as one of the more versatile house music producers in the world. After being crowned by Pete Tong as the world’s ‘Best Breakout Producer’ in 2010, the Englishman Mr. Flynn has been making and releasing records on esteemed labels like Strictly Rhythm, Hypercolour, Great Stuff, Anabatic, and Dirtybird, this being his third release on the latter label. No stranger to making all variations of house music, Tom Flynn is back with two tracks on the dirtiest of birdy labels which embody the air in the sky and supreme individuality.

Dirtybird head honcho Claude Von Stroke had this to say about the EP: “Believe it or not this is Tom Flynn’s third EP on dirtybird and he has come a long way as an artist since his first record with us. I think this is Tom’s most thoughtful work to date. ‘Be Yourself’ is immaculate club music with great sounds and great arrangement. This track has done wonders for me in the club all summer, but the B side is one of the most surprising tracks of the year.

‘With Flowers’ starts out deep and unassuming, then slowly builds and builds and builds AND BUILDS into one of the most massive euphoric resolutions I have heard in awhile. It’s absolute killer open air material and probably my favorite Tom Flynn track to date.”

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Tom Flynn - Be Yourself EP

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