Video: Tom Demac – “Critical Distance Pt. 2″

Video: Tom Demac – “Critical Distance Pt. 2″

Tom Demac delivers enough wobble to make most dubstep artists envious, in his latest release on Hypercolour entitled ‘Critical Distance Part 2’ delivers a consistency and quality that can be expected from Demac. That being said, what better way to accompany a brilliant track with an equally brilliant video. It seems as if Tom has perfected the craft of making music that is aimed for the dancefloor yet risky enough to differentiate it from generic club music. Hailing form North Wales, this British producer is said to be obsessed with sounding unlike anyone else and you can say he’s achieving his goal. His characteristic sound embodies what electronic music should be all about. Tom Demac can be heard in the upcoming Halloween Curated by T.E.E.D event that is being thrown at The Warehouse Project in Manchester. For more information on Tom Demac follow the provided links below.

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