To All Early Adopters: Kickstart the YRG Pro

About a year ago we heard wind of a musical instrument that might answer answer some of our production problems (See the Music Production Tool: You Rock Guitar post).  If you’re like myself, boarding the electronic music train was just an extension of a passion for music.  That passion began with my father’s beat up acoustic guitar, and a handwritten songbook from the 70s.  Without a doubt, the instrument I feel most comfortable on is the guitar.  Unfortunately, the type of music I enjoy making most now, does not do so well on our old-time six-string.  Working my way around a piano or keyboard makes me feel like a 16 year old again; all I needed was a guitar that I could plug into my computer instead.

Inspired Instruments heard the feedback from their original users, redesigned, and updated their Midi Guitar, and are now raising funds to build the YRG-Pro.  This model, as compared to the older one, is even more closely directed towards musicians and their binary companions.  It takes the guitar player into modernity and hopefully some passionate adopters to publish tracks on our pages.  To fund this project they have jumped on the social funding platform Kickstarter, and they reached out to us thinking that our demographic might be interested.

Bottom line, I bought one of the originals and plugged her in right away.  She makes sounds just like a keyboard, but via a guitar, which I can play.  If you want to check it out, throw a click at the YRG Pro Kickstarter page and take a read to see the updated version.  The cool thing I learned about Kickstarter is that most projects offer some incentive for being an early investor.  If you’ve got some cash to spare, you are essentially purchasing one of the new models that come out after they have gathered the funds.

Bonus – It can also play live.  Check out Satellite Empire and their YRG jams.  Oh, and sidenote Diplo is it.


Posted on July 19, 2012 in Electronic, Events, Living Logik

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