TMR Presents: SoundLogik “Statik Sessions” (5pm pst)

TMR Presents: SoundLogik “Statik Sessions” (5pm pst)

Today on Temple Music’s Statik Sessions we have the local bay area producer/DJ: StepBit. Specializing in drum n bass and dubstep, Stepbit is a resident DJ at the “Frisco Tec” monthly at SF Supperclub. His genre bending sounds are influenced by southern hiphop instrumentals, UK bass music, African rhythms and Baltimore club music. Some of the genres that he normally works with are Afrobeat, Trip-hop, Drum and Bass, Uk Bass, Dubstep and all around Bass-music. The unique spin and flavor that he adds to these genres has put him on our radar and is definitely an artist that you should keep an eye on from here on out. Tune in and soak up the heavy sounds of Stepbit’s Statik Session from 5-7pm today.

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The forecast for today’s set will feature a 30 minute mix off of Stepbits first album : “Music for Sea Creatures”, then into an OG Stepbit set and after that we will progress into some straight up drum and bass madness.

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    Big mix!
    WOW, any upload of the mix??


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