The Yum Yum List #2


Here is your weekly dose of trap, moombahton, and r&b infused electronic music. This week’s edition of the Yum Yum list first includes a new ∆lex Young who has already been featured here on Soundlogik. The 15 year old came out with a delicious remix of SBTRKT’s “Wildfire” this week. Young kept Little Dragon’s soulful voice and the tracks original feel but just sprinkled his standard booming 808 on top of it to give the track a tasty twist.

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“September Nights” is kind of like a jelly donut, I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never heard of αtμ but once I took a bite and pressed play I was pleasantly surprised. The track samples Erykah Badu over a delectably smooth electronic beat.

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Another track that has the same flavor is Durkin’s “” It stars off softer than a Krispy Kreme donut until around 1:40, where I dare you not to bop your head. Durkin is a Dj and producer from Boston who’s music has been described as “Electrill” because of its combination of electronic music and hip hop.

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Dj Sliink’s moombahton remix of Missy Elliot’s classic “Pass that Dutch,” has remained pretty low key but its time to bring this hot tamale back to life. Sliink does a great job of incorporating moombah sounds with the song’s signature claps and heavy bassline.

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I was convinced no one could make a better “Original Don” remix than trap heavy weights Flosstradamus but Luminox might have changed my mind. The sampling he did with Major Lazer’s horns on the drop was extremely creative and definiteley sets it apart from other remixes I’ve heard. Be sure to listen to this track on a good pair of speakers or headphones.

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Posted on October 19, 2012 in Bass, Electronic, Funk, Hip/Hop, Moombahton, R&B, Trap

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