The Ramona Flowers – Dismantle and Rebuild (Amirali Remix)

One of the most amazing live performances the SL crew was able to see was this year the extremely talented, Amirali. Using creepy synth stabs, echoing vocals and a deep kicking beat Amirali has been able to create a style that both fascinates and amazes. His most recent release, a remix for The Ramona Flowers, will be featured on their forthcoming album set to release in the upcoming months. The remix is a low key house track with light and airy vocals helping to carry the melody through the entire length of the track. Amirali’s futuristic style really comes across in this remix and speaks at lengths to his production skills. ¬†For those of you unfamiliar with Amirali check out our past review on his ‘Beautiful World’ EP off of Crosstown Rebels and don’t forget to take a listen to the track below.

The Ramona Flowers – Dismantle and Rebuild (Amirali Remix)


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