The Next Step: SoundLogik 2.0 & Beyond


To both old and new SoundLogik readers,

Welcome to the new SoundLogik! We’re filled with joy as we get to roll out this new look to you. It’s been an exhilarating ride so far breaking into this thing we call the ‘music scene’. Saying we’re grateful for all of your support would be an understatement, and we’re excited as ever to continue to journey with you into the future with music as our connecting force.

Upgrading the website is beneficial in more ways than just the aesthetics of SoundLogik. It symbolizes a step forward in maturity and motivation on our part, but also forces us to keep an open mind and ask fundamental questions about the function of SoundLogik and how it pertains to you, our daily user. An open mind is the best type of mind, able to soak in and process different ideas and stimuli using logik and analytics to eventually reach the most reasonable conclusion. We pride ourselves on this fact.

So with open minds we think about how we can improve in order to benefit you. There are reasons why thousands of you visit our webpages each day – the most obvious being you enjoy our taste in music, or you enjoy the articles on top of the music, OR (and this is the biggest ‘or’), over time you’ve realized that there is something beautiful about music resting behind the normal confines of reality. You understand that there are few forces in the universe that connect people and surroundings like music, and that SoundLogik understands this just like you. We want to build a community of like-minded individuals who benefit society through their use and knowledge of music and how it pertains to us as conscious human beings.

We aim to improve all of our experiences with music on multiple levels – through physical connections (events/gatherings), audio connections (listening), community interaction, and building awareness about the cutting edge of music and it’s new cultures – all while maintaining our integrity and keeping respect for you, our SoundLogik family, in the process.

So now we go into the unknown with more know-how than ever, while still accepting that there is much to learn. Discovering new, opening the unknown, and affirming truth, our journey symbolizes the infinitude of music..

Now we travel together into the beyond.


Posted on September 29, 2012 in News, SoundLogik Series

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