The Dream – Shawty Is Da Shit (Giraffage Remix)

The Dream – Shawty Is Da Shit (Giraffage Remix)

The 808 game is absolutely out of control right now, with proponents of the dream/chill wave movement still utilizing it and many bass producers getting in on the hot sound. When it comes down to it though, its all about beats and whether or not they sound good, and the latest remix by Giraffage sounds really good. The San Francisco native is known for his dream like beats often intertwined with those rapid high hats, and we’re seeing him get a little bit heavier with his bass tones of late in his productions Money and his remix of The Dream‘s Shawty Is Da Shit. The Dream remix still holds plenty of pop-sensibility by keeping much of the vocal in tact (albeit pitched down), as well as the original melody. Check it out and download it while you can!

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The Dream - Shawty Is Da Shit (Giraffage Remix)

Giraffage - Money

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