The 2 Bears | Warm & Easy (Music Video)

The 2 Bears | Warm & Easy (Music Video)

Our furry friends from across the pond The 2 Bears have just released the music video to their song Warm & Easy. The song has a warm and upbeat summer feel to it accentuated with that classic 2 Bears deep and ominous narration throughout the track. The video stars the professional skateboarders of the Trunk Boyz, Girl and Chocolate skate teams on their trip through Costa Rica, hitting up various sun soaked locals along the way. The video is shot in a way that almost feels as though you are with the team traveling through all the tropical locals skating, relaxing and having fun along side as they take in the summer sun. Enjoy this treat The 2 bears have bestowed upon us and stay tuned to Soundlogik for more news on their future releases.


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