Temple Music Radio Presents: SoundLogik Statik Sessions Feat. Enso

Temple Music Radio Presents: SoundLogik Statik Sessions Feat. Enso

Statik Sessions is a weekly radio show that features San Francisco bay area artists from all over the electronic music spectrum giving this viewers and listeners a diverse outlook on today’s EDM talent. The show is presented by Temple Music and is recorded live from Temple Nightclub.

For todays session we have Enso, a musical project that consists of the DJ/Producers known as Derrick Calloway and Seth Warrick. The guys of Enso incorporate high energy progressive house and electro while blending aspects of each genre resulting in a fresh electronic sound. These guys have been hard at work producing top notch tracks and have been getting solid recognition in the process. Enso broke into the SF scene in 2010 with their award winning remix of Sleigh Bells’ single “Run the Heart”. Since then, they have produced a series of tracks and have released their debut EP “Infinity” on Oct. 29, 2011 on Hollister Records.

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Cerulean - Future Wind (Enso Remix)

Enso - Lunar Paris [Mashup]

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