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Mix Of The Day: Wolfgang Gartner & Dillon Francis Start Monthly Radio Shows

It’s always wonderful to hear established EDM acts flex their dj set muscles and share their mixes with us. For those of us fans who can’t get out to their shows, it provides an insight into their dynamic live setups. Two big SL alums, Wolfgang Gartner and Dillon Francis recently started their weekly/monthly programs as…

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Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War EP Review

Wolfgang Gartner has been a force to be reckoned with these last few years. Since his self-imposed war on albums, earlier this year, he’s taken to releasing a string of singles, which have all been more successful than the last. He released Redline, There And Back, Flexx, and a few more under this new mantra.…

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Popeska – Karmameter EP

The 19 year old Popeska has been making his way around the interwebz and blogosphere for a little bit with his heavy electro sound, and has finally been supported by a big name artist. Wolfgang Gartner chooses Popeska to revive his old label, Kindergarten Records, and releases Popeska’s first original EP on the imprint. The…

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Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana – We Own The Night (Official Video)

The official video for Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner‘s smash single We Own The Night dropped today. We love the premise of the song and the video, which features footage of brand name DJ’s from all around the world. DJ’s, producers, fans, tastemakers, one thing is forsure. We definitely own the night.

Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana – We Own The Night

With the explosion of dance music around the world at an all time high, it’s only appropriate that two innovators of their respective styles come together on a collaboration that is set to rock the EDM landscape over the summer festival months. Setting the bar high for energetic rave anthems, Wolfgang Gartner and Tiesto may…

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Wolfgang Gartner – There And Back (Tommy Noble ‘Full Power’ Bootleg)

Our friends Alex and Trevor, who together form the fearsome electro duo Tommy Noble, have taken Wolfgang Gartner‘s recent hit record There and Back and given it more umph to pump in the club. Although we are ardent supporters of Wolfgang and really enjoyed There And Back, there were some that were a bit confused…

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Wolfgang Gartner – 200K Giveaway + “Paddling Out” Remix

Wolfgang Gartner just hit somewhat of a milestone in his social media world. He broke 200,000 Facebook fans yesterday! In celebration of this achievement Gartner decided to give away three bootlegs that he’s prepared for and used in his live sets. All three bootlegs are great in their own right but the “Fire Power X…

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Wolfgang Gartner – There And Back (Preview)

Wolfgang Gartner (Joey Youngman) is one of, if not the hardest working dude in the game. After releasing his huge Weekend In America album only a few short months ago, he’s already back at it with another single, titled There And Back. The track is synth heavy, and surprisingly uplifting, but it still has that…

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Wolfgang Gartner vs Bob Marley – The Way The Sun Is Shining

“To the rescue… here I am!”. We’ve uncovered a mash-up that’s very similar to the long awaited live edit that Wolfgang couldn’t include on Weekend In America. Classic Bob vocal, killer Wolfgang beat, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet.. life is damn good. Wolfgang Gartner vs Bob Marley – The Way The…

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Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend In America

It’s safe to say most of the EDM universe has been anxiously awaiting the debut album of electro luminary Wolfgang Gartner. Solely responsible for the furthering of the current electro-house genre with timeless and beatport slaying tracks like Firepower and Undertaker, alot of pressure rests on Wolfgang’s shoulders to continue to lead the way for…

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