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Dada Life – Happy Violence (Vodge Diper Remix) + Guerilla Fart #13

Dada Life‘s latest single Happy Violence didn’t stray at all from the tried and true Dada sound. It’s chords are simple, bassline fat, and it definitely kicks a crowd in the ass. Lucky for us, the homie Vodge Diper sent over this happily violent exclusive remix to showcase and we can verify that it’s the…

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Vodge Diper: Interview + Exclusive Tracks

Ever since our introduction post on the mysterious Vodge Diper, we’ve been waiting for him to release some solid full length tracks for us to enjoy. Earlier this month he released his debut EP, ‘Keytar Hero‘, which is jam packed full of synthesized electro madness. Vodge was nice enough to let us interview him and…

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Vodge Diper

As you will shortly realize , Vodge Diper with his synthesized solos and crazy electro breakdowns, is definitely a producer to keep your eyes and ears on. Thread-head: Araz Amirian thankfully clued us into this diamond in the rough and we know that we aren’t going to be the only ones loving us some Vodge…

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