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Them Jeans – Starlight + Spring Mix

Jason Stewart, known more commonly by his Dj persona Them Jeans has been heavily involved in the Los Angeles party scene for a while now. Starting on the Dim Mak Tuesdays scene when it was first created several years back, Them Jeans has been on the forefront of progressing electronic dance music. With a style accentuated by…

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Mortal Kombat Soundtrack: feat. Skrillex, Felix Cartal, Harvard Bass + More

3…2…1…FIGHT. The Mortal Kombat IX Soundtrack is due out April 5th, two weeks before the actual title release on Xbox360 and PS3, and it features tracks done by some of the heaviest hitters in techno. Each track on the soundtrack was character inspired, with the track supposedly embodying what the producer saw in the character.…

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Rusko – Hold On Remixes

We understand there are mixed emotions about remixes. On one hand you’ve got the purist argument that the quality of a remix shouldn’t hold much weight because all of the substance was already provided by the original producer. On the other hand there’s the progressive argument of why not try and make something better? In…

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