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Steed Lord – Eddie House EP

The Steed Lord trio has been fairly quietly pumping out some of the punchiest disco out there, although my speakers won’t attest to that statement because my house has been getting dosed with that goodness for days. The recently released Eddie House EP offers us a look into their roots as “old fashioned house music”…

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Steed Lord – Don’t Hurt Love/Midnight Affair

Late last year the creative Icelandic threesome also known as Steed Lord uploaded a track by the name of Don’t Hurt Love onto their Soundcloud. Little did I know that by clicking play my perceptions of modern disco-house were about to change. The insanely catchy track blew me away, and in my opinion rivals any…

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Steed Lord Doesn’t Hurt Love + Outerspace Logik

I have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping logik from you guys. I know, I know, I’ve committed a grave sin. I’m ashamed I held onto this beauty out of pure selfishness, and hopefully coming to you with it now will allow you to forgive me. I care about our relationship. In fact, I…

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Reset! the TurboFunk

You can’t really go wrong with 5 Italian dudes that love funk. I mean, thats just a recipe for some good music. Reset! recently released their debute experimental project ‘My Trunk’ on Cheap Thrills, and I gotta say, I like what I’m hearing. There unique style blends funk, disco, hip hop and some hard hitting…

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