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skream roller coaster

Skream releases official video for hit single “Rollercoaster”

What would you do if a huge astroid meteor was set to annihilate earth? Stock up on goods? Throw a huge party? Find as many potential mates as possible? What if the asteroid that was going to hit earth… oh nevermind, just watch the video!


Skream premiers disco hit “Roller Coaster”

Those who remember Skream for his grimy dubstep and loved him for it, well, tough luck. The demonstrative British bloke has completely shifted gears in his music career, ditching dubstep for the new fad of nu-house, garage, and disco. Although the pairing of Skream and a disco ball in the same room a few years…

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[Preview] Skreamizm 7

/ / / / Skream released two tracks on his Soundcloud earlier today to preview his upcoming album Skreamizm 7 (available Dec 21). First and foremost, Skreamizm 7  seems like it will be a far cry from Skream’s dubstep albums from years past–which at this point comes as no surprise. Skream has always had the ability to wield multiple…

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Skream gives out 11 previously unreleased tracks for free

Upon reaching the 100k follower mark on twitter, Ollie Jones aka Skream released a pack of 11 previously unreleased tracks to be downloaded for free for his fans! The tracks were made between 2006 and 2009 and offer a timeless look into Skream and dubstep’s past. Download the 100k Freeizm pack HERE.

Rusko – Somebody To Love (Skream Remix)

Fellow Brits Rusko and Skream combine for an absolutely massive remix of Somebody To Love, the first single off Rusko’s upcoming album Songs, due for release at the end of March. The highly respected Skream always seems to nail remixes right on the head, and he’s done just that by kicking this song in the…

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Skream Sits In For Annie Mac + Doctor P Mini Mix (1/20/12)

On Friday night the one and only Skream took over Annie Mac’s radio show on BBC Radio 1. As with most things that Skream sets out to do, the radio show was spectacular, full of great tunes and even brand new premiers. Skream’s variety in track choices for this mix are absolutely phenomenal, ranging anywhere…

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Skream – Where You Should Be (Jack Beats Remix) + Beyonce Remix

  Three days ago Jacks Beats threw up two new remixes of the mastermind Skream, and the masterbehind Beyonce.  The gentlemen at Jack Beats can do no wrong, from the quintessential fidgety madness they popularized back when, to their brain rioting live performances, they deserve more credit than they get on every DJ Poll.  You’ll notice…

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Skream – Where You Should Be

Skream -Where You Should Be (feat Sam Frank) To say that I love this song is any understatement. I am bewitched, enraptured and beguiled by it. Where You Should Be easily makes the top ten song of my life thus far. There isn’t one thing about this track that makes it soooo good to me,…

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Cassius – I

Cassius‘ hit I <3 U So was the featured track on his The Rawkers EP released last year and undoubtedly one of the hits of 2010, so it’s only fitting that a remix EP for I <3 U So was released on none other than Valentines day. The EP boasts the much publicized (and potentially…

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Don’t Bother Me, I’m Skreamin’

To alot of dubstep fans Skream‘s productions are hit or miss, and it has alot to do with the experimental outlook he has on music in general. His avant-garde approach to bass music often results in off the wall tracks that sound nothing like the typical dubstep banger, and that’s precisely what he wants to…

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