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Revenge Of The Synth: Electrixx | Mord Fustang | R3hab | Lazy Rich

A short time ago, in the galaxy we live in, a few progressive minds with a different outlook on music began to experiment with modern technology, in turn creating a new form of musical expression through electronic pathways. This path wasn’t trodden, and no one knew where this path would lead, but those adventurous souls…

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Afrojack & R3hab – Feeling My Love (Preview)

This track first caught my ear while raging with Afrojack live in San Diego the day before EDC, and it definitely got myself and the rest of the crowd jumping and bumping all over the place. It’s believed to be an upcoming humongous collaboration between Afrojack and R3hab, and damn is it huge. It wasn’t…

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Calvin Harris – Bounce (R3hab + Michael Woods Remixes)

Calvin Harris is seemingly taking things to a whole nother level recently. From bursting onto the scene a few years ago as a disco dude and vocalist, to now a world-famous DJ/Producer, Calvin Harris is showing no signs of slowing down. Earlier this year he kicked us all in the ass with his track Awooga,…

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Afrojack & R3hab – Prutataaa (Aces High)

BOOM! The highly anticipated Afrojack and R3hab joint Aces High/Prutataaa surfaced this morning, and it’s every bit as huge as all those previews hinted at. I guess it’s worth reiterating that anything Afrojack touches nowadays is gold. He’s seriously got the mainstage banger sound on lock and doesn’t be looking to let that slide anytime…

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