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Listen to Odesza remix Pretty Lights

Up and coming production outfit Odesza, hailing from the great northwest continue to increase their ever expanding profile with an official remix of a track off the new PL album Color Map Of The Sun. Odesza takes on the soulful “One Day They’ll Know”, adding their customary pitched up vocal chops and some smooth chord…

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pretty lights so bright

Pretty Lights – So Bright

Pretty Lights had his single unintentionally leaked and put up for sale today on various music platforms so like the music ambassador that he is, he put it up for free on his website. The track So Bright is the first cut off of the upcoming Pretty Lights album, which he says was a “very…

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Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

The genius of Derek Smith (aka Pretty Lights) is well documented at this point. Not only is he innovative in his production, incoporating bass, hip-hop, soul, and pretty much everything else in his work, but his PLM record label is as forward thinking as there is – releasing all their music for free – and…

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Re: Generation Music Project

“There is no sound we can’t make. There’s not a beat we can’t create. There’s not an artist we can’t record…Now what?” Skrillex ft The Doors – Breakn’ A Sweat The Re:Generation Music Project explores an area that few before have ever ventured, actually combining the old with the new. Now it’s true that remixes…

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Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth (Official Version)

Photo Cred: Jason Yang – Pretty Lights IDentity Fest SD   Pretty Lights fans have surely been waiting on this track all summer, and if you aren’t a Pretty Lights fan there’s a good chance you might be after listening to his new track. I Know The Truth, the dubstep slayer that PL first dropped…

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