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MOTD: Mumbai Science Tapes #12 — “O, Beloved Belgium”

Flashback! Mumbai Science unveil a two-hour-long 1-year-anniversary mix dedicated to the classic rave sound coming from Belgium in 1988-1992. Funny, because I don’t even think either member of the Belgian duo was even born yet! This extremely high-energy and timeless mix begs the question: were musicians just better back then? Or do we as a…

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Warehouse Beats: Best Techno Tracks of 2012

We at Soundlogik can all agree that 2012 saw the renaissance of almost every genre of electronic music. From speed garage to trap music, EDM from every angle blessed our ears as new young producers jumped onto the boat to not only steer the vector of innovation, but to paint a new destination altogether for…

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Mumbai Science – Unified Theory Mixtape

Mumbai Science is taking a stab at taking over techno, and adding a bit of Eastern mysticism, giving their next project a spicy flavor unseen within this musical realm. After a super last year and a half that saw their singles Ancova, Gold, and Lotus draw support from the likes of Boys Noize, Tiga, and…

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MixHell – Antigalactic

Now this is what I call a mindblowing release, and for multiple reasons. For one, MixHell‘s Boys Noize Records debut EP Antigalactic is some mind bending journey through time, space, and bass that will captivate you as well as cause your feet to move. It’s a great track, and accompanied by amazing remixes by some…

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Mumbai Science: Gold EP

Formerly Project Cyborg, Jonas Kiesekoms and Maarten Elen decided to give their lives, as well as their music, a fresh start by renaming themselves Mumbai Science. And it seems hitting the reset button has paid off, as their tracks have been receiving world-wide support from DJs like Boys Noize and Fake Blood, to name a…

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