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Sazon Booya – SB x HB EP

Real recognize real, and we’re recognizing Sazon Booya and David Heartbreak as some of the most reputable producers in the moombahton game right now. After the success of Sazon’s Moonlight EP, which featured some late night, under-the-sheets moombahton, they’ve come back with a huge collab EP with Heartbreak that puts the rage in Moombahrage. SB…

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No we’re not going emo, we’re getting soulful with Heartbreak, a Charlotte native who’s currently making waves within the Moombahton movement. If you checked out our introduction to moombahton you may already be familiar with Heartbreak, as we featured his track Shy Day. A few of his tracks we’re even peppered throughout Brodinski’s Moombahton Mix,…

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Moombahton: An Introduction | Tracks + Brodinski Mixtape

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments within the EDM spectrum during the 2010 calendar year was the explosion of dubstep onto the world stage. Well, there’s a new genre on the block that’s about to take over dubstep’s place in 2011. MOOMBAHTON. Check out what the creator of Moombahton, Dave Nada, has to say…

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