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A Series of Logikal Beginnings II

Our Logikal Beginnings series is dedicated to providing a venue for up-and-coming producers to show their colors.  At SL we aim to share all good music, not just music produced by the biggest names.  We hope for this series to be the inspiration for some to keep producing, and a boost to the next level…

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HAYDN HOFFMAN | Drop Down Dubstep + Out Of Time EP

Our good friend Haydn Hoffman is at it again, this time with something new up his sleeve. Since he started whipping up tunes he’s been mainly producing electro-house, which is still his specialty, but he’s recently taken his talents to wobble beach, woo-ing the honeys with his large dubstep production muscles. His remix of Designer…

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Artist Spotlight: Haydn Hoffman Interview + Logik

When we received Haydn Hoffman’s remix of The Bloody Beetroot’s smasher New Noise in our inbox, we weren’t sure what to expect. Little did we know that we had just stumbled onto one of electronic music’s rising young talents. While chatting pre-interview, we were also pleasantly surprised to find out that we had grown up…

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