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Elephant Guns – Speaker Ammo Episode 5

Our explosive trio of homies, Elephant Guns, have unleashed the 5th episode of their hit Speaker Ammo mixtape series. These mixes are known for featuring an onslaught of bangers one after the other, and this installment sticks right to their guns. 1 hour and 46 minutes of unadulterated banger sex for the ears. Just take…

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Elephant Guns: Darkside/Brightside Mixtapes + BONUS Speaker Ammo 4

The gentlemen over at Elephant Guns continue to fly through the ranks of the Bay Area house music scene.  Every time I see them live, hear a mixtape they’ve made, or play out an old track, I feel like I just discovered Miles Dyson.  Embody Mr. Burns, “Excellent” and hide hunched in the corner with…

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Elephant Guns: Speaker Ammo 3

You know our good friends over at Elephant Guns always know how to groove it right.  I owe them a huge apology for not putting this up sooner, cause they sent it a minute ago and I was down but then I forgot and now I’m just the biggest d-bag.  Regardless, if you were one…

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SoundLogik at SLIDE: A Logikal Beginnings Event

We have been biting our tongues waiting to announce this event.  On Thursday, April 28 2011, SoundLogik will be hosting our first musically explorative journey. A party is being thrown in YOUR honor.  The owner of the San Fransisco lounge and nightclub Slide: A Prohibition Playground has graciously opened his venue for a night of…

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Elephant Guns: Speaker Ammo 2 Mixtape

Our friends over at Elephant Guns have been throwing their weight around lately and have produced the second mixtape in their Speaker Ammo series.  The tape boasts an impressive array of recent classics, with a few low-key bangers from the likes of Miles Dyson, Ant Brooks, Da Fresh, and Firebeatz. Better go find your bulletproof…

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