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crystal fighters you i gigamesh remix

Crystal Fighters – You & I (Gigamesh Remix)

If you ask us, Crystal Fighters‘ debut LP Star of Love, released in 2010, has been one of the more underrated albums of the last half century. It wasn’t ground-breaking, however there is something enchanting about the group and their simple songs of love and freedom that really captivated us. It’s definitely the innocent nu-hippy…

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Crystal Fighters: Swallow/Follow Remixes

If you haven’t noticed by now, I really really like the Crystal Fighters.  When their debut album Star of Love came out Swallow was easily one of my favorite tracks amidst an album full of sing-a-Longs (pun intended). The Crystal Fighters dropped some serious logik on their soundcloud a while back and for some reason…

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Malente + Others: Tarzan Boys EP

At first listen of Malente‘s newest EP release you’d think he hailed from Africa, but Malente gets his name from his small german hometown, which we’re sure he’s made very proud with his outstanding EDM production. His most recent project, the Tarzan Boys EP released on Southern Fried Records on Nov 2nd, is an experimental…

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Crystal Fighters|| Minimix + more

The Crystal Fighters can do no wrong. There’s something about their Spanish dubstep flavor that I can’t get enough of. I started listening to their work when their first album Star of Love was released and have been hook ever since. From that point on, I have work backwards through their music finding  chune after…

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Crystal Fightersr

It seems like all the good music is coming out of the UK these days and the Crystal Fighters are a prime example. With a pinch of electro, a scoop of dubstep, a slice of electro, and a dash of emo, these guys and gals were able to create some bangin alternative sing-a-longs that will…

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