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Coachella Daze | 2013 Introduction

Anticipation. Excitement. Elation. All appropriate words for this time of year that we at SoundLogik like to call “Coachella Season“. Starting officially at the announcement of the lineup, Coachella Season blossoms throughout Spring and ends once the festival officially ends. Having attended the last three Coachella Music and Arts festivals – this 2013 edition being…

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Coachella Fridaze | The Black Keys

Sharps and flats; the nuts and screws that hold a keyboard together. They don’t quite fit in with the rest of the white keys, but when used correctly, the black keys can add a slightly off-hinge appeal to ordinary piano play. The unconventional rock duo The Black Keys have been putting together outstanding albums for…

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Coachella Fridaze | Kele

SoundLogik will be attending Coachella Music Festival this upcoming April and we’re extremely stoked, to say the least. Since a one post preview of the entire weekend and all of our favorite artists would be far too lengthy, we decided to start our “Coachella Daze” series which will feature Coachella artists/songs every Friday, Saturday and…

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Coachella 2010: a unique perspective

The video of Coachella 2010 was shot, cut, and directed by Sam O’hare. From Sam O’hare, “I wanted to portray a unique view of the incomparable Coachella experience. Following the crowds in the sunshine from arrival, camping, exploring the art in the arena, all the way through to the headliners at night, this film brings…

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