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First Listen: Beardyman Records ‘Experiment’ Using New System

Human beat-machine Beardyman has been hard at work over the last year working with a team to create a new, completely custom live setup for his live performances. According to Beardyman, the system is the first of its kind and completely tailored to his personal preferences. As we know it, it ditches the need for…

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Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman – Get Naked (Club Mix)

Riva Starr may not be the biggest name when it comes to house music, but his production is about as versatile as house gets. His sound varies and may sound like different genres, but his music is always pure house – it’s simply a testament to the man’s skill as a producer and remixer. His…

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Where Does Beardyman’s Mind Go?

Talk about beardvolution. The beatboxing genius Beardyman, who usually only performs live and on the spot with nothing other than his vocal chords (and now a couple of Korg KP3s), has been working hard in the studio to cook up a full-length debut album that’s set to be released March 21st. Since discovering this musical…

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BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix | Beardyman

Listening into the wee hours of the night/morning, BBC Radio 1 rolled out another edition of their Essential Mix today, this time with SoundLogik favorite Beardyman! The entire 2 hour mix is done vocally by Beardyman, with help of a few loopers and samplers. For those of you on the fence about attending Coachella, Beardyman…

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Beardyman: “King Of Sound and Ruler of Beats”

This is the title the unbelievably talented Beardyman was deemed in June of 2010 by BBC news. Back in 2006, Beardyman won the UK beatbox championships with his unique style that set him apart from his competitors. He came back to win the 2007 UK beatbox championships the following year, which gave him the first…

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