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Le Jetset: Afrojack | Dada | Romero | Tiesto | Trash | + lots more

A lot of house music has come out over the past week or two. Instead of writing a brief snippet on each of the tracks like I usually do, I decided it would be more worth while to skip the writing and devote my brain power to finding this exquisite photo. Enjoy the tunes. Afrojack…

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Autoerotique – Freak EP

Autoerotique‘s Bubonic EP plagued the world with sickness last year, and this time around they’re trying to turn everyone into straight up freaks. Their most recent project, the Freak EP released on Dim Mak, is techno at it’s finest. The one thing that stands out about good techno is the tightness of the production, and…

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AutoErotique: Revamping the Plague

Fellow threadhead, Michael G, turned me onto these cats, now let me “pay it forward”. AutoErotique packs electro, techno, every form of house, rave, rock, rave-rock, indie-rock and even ska all in one clip and fires them at random. Back, under Dim Mak Records, with their effortlessly adaptable, shape-shifting sound that can careen wildly from…

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