Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote (Schoolboy Remix)

Schoolboy hit the laboratory to cook up the perfect substitute for Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party‘s original Antidote. Heavy hitting dubstep for the rager in us all. Free download HERE!

He also recently released a huge EP on Rottun Records. Preview all the tracks on SoundCloud

3 Responses to Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote (Schoolboy Remix)

  1. will says:

    thanks for the womp

    • FlapJack says:

      I do get a few of those eejits types so I’m happy enguoh to stay in Group 2. I’ll consider moving back into group 1 again soon. Group 3 blogs really piss me off.

  2. Tobsecret says:

    Guys SHM or at least their label removed this awesome remix just today!

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