Spor – Ziggurat / Push Me, Pull You

Jon Gooch may be garnering most of his publicity off his Feed Me brand, but he definitely isn’t neglecting his Spor identity. The Spor that spawned Jon’s music career has always been known for some of the best drum and bass, and his latest release on UK’s Lifted Music keeps this notion alive. Having two avenues for music allows him to be creative in multiple electronic music sectors, and is also a great move marketing-wise. Especially when both brands remain strong and credible. The two tracks on the EP are titled ‘Ziggurat’ and ‘Push Me, Pull you’, the first being a stellar upbeat DnB track while the latter explores a spacey, bass-filled alter universe. Stream both songs in full below!

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Download now on Shoplifted: http://lftd.net/LFTD013lftd
Download on iTunes: http://lftd.net/LFTD013iTunes
Download on Beatport: http://lftd.net/LFTD013BP

Spor – Ziggurat / Push Me, Pull You EP


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