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logikast 002 television sky

The more one listens to music, the more one realizes that it is limitless. More than just limitless in how it sounds, but limitless in how it’s made, and limitless with regards to who can make music. When 15 year old genius Television Sky out of our hometown of San Diego sent us over some of his tracks, we came closer to this realization of the infinitude of music. His music encapsulates the avant garde nature of what many creative producers are making these days. Dreamy, chilled out, non-dance beats made to provoke thought and inspire creativity.

Since he started producing music in 2010, Samuel has gone through multiple alias’ and music phases, ultimately ending up as Television Sky where he feels like his production and music sense has finally been honed into exactly where his heart and soul is most comfortable. Specializing in a new-age view on an ambient, airy, downtempo music style, Television Sky is in our estimation one of the youngest and most talented individuals in the style he creates.

We were so happy upon Television Sky unveiling himself to us that we had to get him on to make one of our Logikasts, which we started to feature musicians who we feel are pushing the forward sound of music. Television Sound’s logikast is an hour trip into a dreamscape of experimental electronic music. We also had him answer a few rapid fire Q&A questions to give you a little more info on who and what this 15 year old we call Television Sky is.

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Where are you currently located?

I’m currently living in a town of about 28,000 called Coronado California; it’s the “island” In the San
Diego Bay. The views are nice but I wish it was about 20 degrees cooler.

How long have you been making music?

Really for not that long, give or take about 3 years. I’ve always been interested in music and the
creative process but before about 12-13 years old I didn’t really withhold the patience to make anything.
I was far much more interested in uh, eating.

First album ever owned?

Pistachio Island by Ilkae, bought it after listening to it on his bandcamp for about 3 months straight.

Favorite show attended?

Crystal Castles @ SOMA San Diego, it was about the loudest 45 minutes of my life.

One Instrument?

Drums, been playing since I was 7.

One movie?

Enter The Void

One book?

Neuromancer, “Television Sky” came from the first paragraph of that book.

Song for a sunny day?

Lone – Dolphin

Song for a rainy day?

Tim Hecker – In The Fog II

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

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Weapon of Choice?

The Neuralyzer from Men in Black, also, very thin sunglasses.

Most interesting person you’ve met?

A lot of the people I’ve met through my music are pretty interesting, notably Anders Moberg of
Breakbit Music, shouts out to him.

Favorite meal?

I really have no idea

Summer or Winter?


Day or Night?

Really Really early morning

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Whichever one makes me fall asleep faster.

Analog or Digital?


Beethoven or Mozart?


Favorite place on the planet?

Yokohama, Japan

What is your spirit animal?


Sum up your view on music in one word?


Big thanks to Sam aka Television Sky once again for taking the time to contribute to our Logikast series. Listen to some more of his tracks!

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