SoundLogik Presents: “Statik Sessions” Feat. BeardForce

For today’s Statik Session we have the San Francisco duo known as Beardforce who is made up of Brandon Whitney and Philip Scott. Formed out of a failed synth rock band, Beardforce first got an early start in the San Francisco electronic scene from throwing and playing undergrounds and renegades in high school. The duo are currently writers for the music blog The Metropolitan Jolt  and resident DJs at the San Francisco electro and dubstep weekly event Manik. They are known for their DJ sets incorporating anything from House to Techno to Dubstep to Electro along with plenty of custom edits. Tune in and start your Friday night off right with some live music courtesy of Beardforce.


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4 Responses to SoundLogik Presents: “Statik Sessions” Feat. BeardForce

  1. chloe! says:

    oh my god beardforce is my new favorite batman house band.

  2. Chris says:

    gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooooo guuuuuddddd

  3. homie says:

    killing it right hurr

  4. craig strangle says:

    wtf. wicked ridiculous ending.

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