SoundLogik Mixtape N°5 • Leo

SoundLogik Mixtape N°5 • Leo

Disco and Deep House are peculiar genres of music –very emotional in my opinion. They are usually either really happy-go-lucky or really dark and mournful (respectively), but have been know to sway to the polar opposite. Despite their evident dissimilarities in mood and demeanor, disco and deep house bled seamlessly together like yin and yang; each with a hint of black and white in their respective corners. In this installment of the SL Mixtape series Clever Cat uses a fresh batch of tracks that explore both genres to find a middle ground between the two contrasting vibes –Content. So don’t let yourself get caught  up in the left or the right, the white or the dark. Lay out in the jungle and catch a sunburn to these tunes.


Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Clever Cat’s Soundcloud for the tracklist!



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  1. MoomUnity

    Yet another great mix from Clever Cat and SoundLogik. The first four installments have been listening staples in my car’s CD changer.

  2. AZ

    Love these mixes, keep up the great work SL!


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