Soundlogik Logikast 001 – Taneli

logikast 001 taneli

Logikast 001 – Taneli

We created the Logikast series to give our followers a deeper and more dynamic understanding as to where the future of electronic music is headed. Through this mix-based series, we will explore a wide range of styles, genres, and sounds that we believe are pushing the future of electronic music. We hope that this series broadens your spectrum of music, as we continue to evolve along with it.

The first artist in our Logikast series is UK based Garage producer, Taneli. The young producer first started making music two and a half years ago after stumbling across a version Ableton on the internet. Taneli first began experimenting with French-house and Drum & Bass sounds, building a strong foundation for his productions. Upon turning 18, Taneli’s tastes began to steer more towards the deep, underground side of House and Bass music. After a near religious experience at a Jackmaster show in Liverpool, He began his full immersion into the sound & culture of bass music. Inspired by  the rising trends in Techno, Garage, House and Bass, his productions began to take shape.

The release of Taneli’s first EP Positivity saw great success on the internet, prompting a seriousness to his productions. A few months after his positivity release, Taneli unleashed his hit single, You’re The One. The song features a distinct garage sound, highlighted by its sultry synth stabs and smooth R&B style vocals. The song has taken off recently receiving numerous plays on the BBC’s prestigious Radio-1.

We recently caught up with Taneli to do a quickfire Q&A. He was also kind enough to provide us with our very first exclusive Logikast Mix.

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Q&A with Taneli

SL:Where are you From?

T: I’m based out of Preston, UK. I actually live about 20 mins away in a small village surrounded by farms.

SL: What was first first album?

T: Craig David – Born to do it. My parents bought that and my first CD player when I was 7. I had it on repeat for like a year. I Still listen to it now & again…

SL: Favorite show attended?

T: I saw Joy Orbison at Parklife Festival in Manchester this summer and that was pretty amazing. Great crowd & sound system plus his selection was incredible.

SL: Analog or Digital?

T: Analog if I had the money? I don’t think it matters really though. Good music is good music at the end of the day no matter how it’s made.

SL: Song for a sunny day?

TIt’s gotta be: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro

SL: Song for a rainy day?

TSubmotion Orchestra – Always (Synkro Remix) Amazing production on this!

SL: A song you wish you wrote yourself?

TDerrick May – Strings of Life
Incredible Record.

SL: Favorite word?

T: Cabana?

SL: One book?

T: Haven’t read it yet but I really want to: Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect and the Ecology of Fear by Steve Goodman/Kode9

SL: One movie?

T: Everyone goes with this but Shawshank Redemption, classic! And if I couldn’t pick that, it’d be The Machinist.

SL: Weapon of choice?

T: Ableton…

SL: Most interesting person you’ve met?

T: I met this Artist/sculptor from Oregon while I was out in New York earlier this year. He was a pretty interesting guy. My man Tom John Mercer comes a close second though.

SL: Red pill or the Blue pill?

T: Red!

SL: Favorite place on the planet?

T: Ahh this is tough, straight tie between NYC, London and Krakow! I’d love to visit India or China one day though.

SL: What is your spirit animal?

T: ahh this one’s deep! Think I’ll go with… polar bear?

SL: Sum up your view on the music industry in one word?

T: Exciting


We would like to thank Taneli immensely for his time, and for all that enjoyed his Logikast make sure to check out the songs below and follow the provided links below to show Taneli your support.

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Taneli – Positivity [Free EP]

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