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If you pay any attention to the beatport dubstep charts you may have seen Schoolboy up near the top of them in recent months, with original bangers Checkmate and Always Be There late last year, along with his most recent remix of Lazy Rich and Porter Robinson‘s Hello – which absolutely shreds. The dude has serious skills, and is a relatively fresh face in the dubstep scene, so we took the liberty to get to know him a little better via an interview. Let’s hit the classroom.

SoundLogik: So how was school today? Just kidding. But really, are you actually in school, like your name suggests? Or are you just trying to imitate a fresh faced kid to try and attract the ladies?
Schoolboy: Believe it or not, I’m a teacher’s aide (cue the girls: “awww”) …but really I am.

SoundLogik: What’s your musical background like and what led you to produce electronic music?
Schoolboy: Well, I’ve been fascinated by the inner workings of synthesizers ever since my early teens; the Roland MC-303 was the first piece of hardware I laid hands. Prior to producing I had a few guitar and piano lessons later performed in a few bands that further inspired me to produce music all my own. (I was that nerdy kid carrying around a shit ton of electronic equipment.) But what led me to produce in the first place had to do with a few albums: Robert Miles “Dreamland” was an album I would listen to religiously at the age of twelve, It changed my perception towards electronic music, so much emotion. The Prodigy “Fat of the Land” had a huge impact as well.
I’ve also been producing for a few years now under another alias in the electro house scene.

SoundLogik: Your first two releases came under Cold Blank’s record label Burn The Fire. What’s your relationship like with them?
Schoolboy: I’ve known Chris and Manny before they started Burn The Fire. Great guys! Totally dedicated to their label. Sushi fanatics.

SoundLogik: I’d say you have that epic dubstep sound, akin to the likes of Nero. Who are some dubstep artists that inspire your productions?
Schoolboy: This guy right here: Dubstep Dog
Currently Flux Pavilion & Feed Me have to be my favorites.

SoundLogik: You seem to be carving out a niche for yourself with your latest releases reaching the front page of Beatport’s dubstep charts. Are you at all surprised with how well your tracks are being received?
Schoolboy: I’m surprised and extremely appreciative of all the feedback I’ve gotten. It’s very uplifting to know people are enjoying and supporting the music :D

SoundLogik: I’m torn between which track I like the best – your recent remix of Hello or Always Be There. Both are some damn sweet dubstep. Which is your favorite track you’ve produced?
Schoolboy: I love both equally. But as a favorite, I have to pick the remix I just finished for Karetus, it has a lot of my influences right now. The drop has a cinematic / Hans Zimmer feel to it, which I feel is a bit different from your regular dubstep breaks. Keep your ears open, I’ll be posting a preview on SoundCloud.

SoundLogik: When I was a kid I used to put 4 Warhead candies in my mouth to get juiced before a big game. Any pre-game rituals before you get on with a gig
Schoolboy: Three shots of tigerblood, duh! Okay, okay that’s a bad joke.

SoundLogik: We’re all music aficionados here, as we’re sure you are. What artists and/or tracks are you currently blasting throughout the hallows of your abode?
Michael Woods – First Aid
Baths – Plea
Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)
Toro Y Moi – Causers of This Album
Radiohead – The King of Limbs Album

SoundLogik: I like your style man! Can you give us a heads up as far as what’s to come from Schoolboy in the near future? Anything we need to keep our ears out for?
Schoolboy: I’ve been working on a 4-5 song EP, scheduled to come out this summer and I’ll also be releasing a free track in the next few weeks.

SoundLogik: Lastly, it’s a SoundLogik tradition to send you and our fans off with a quote or phrase that sums up yourself or your views on this whacko thing called life. Whatcha got for us?
Schoolboy: “I’m astounded by people who want to ‘know’ the universe when it’s hard enough to find your way around Chinatown.” – Woody Allen
Schoolboy Logik!
Preview some logikal bangers from Schoolboy below. Each have their own flavor and are well worth your auditory attention. Head over to his beatport page to buy any or all of these tunes, cause if you spin dubstep you know these bangers will fit perfectly in your set. And be on the lookout for a Schoolboy EP this summer, which we’ll be sure to bring to SoundLogik!

Schoolboy ft. Tasha – Always Be There (Original Mix) [ Logikal Choice ]

Lazy Rich & Porter Robinson feat. Sue Cho – Hello (Schoolboy Remix) [ HUGE ]

Schoolboy – Checkmate (Original Mix) [ Schoolboy Wins ]

Preview of Schoolboys unreleased remix of Karetus! BANGER!
Karetus Feat. Ricco Vitalio – Future Is Now (Schoolboy Remix) by SchoolBoyOfficial

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