Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team – Activate / I Be EP

sound pellegrino activate i be

Forward thinking electronic music minds and label bosses of Sound Pellegrino, Orgasmic and Teki Latex make up the Thermal Team. Their self-described style is “big-beat-like fidget and overly distorted washing machine electro” and is “inspired by the “less is more” ethics of minimal techno as much as the DIY/sample-anything-as-long-as-it’s-got-attitude” philosophy of hip-hop”. It’s cool, it’s funky, and it has no boundaries.

The Thermal Team released their ‘Activate / I Be‘ EP today via their own label, featuring the two originals along with instrumental and accapella versions of each. Activate is a superb partystarting track, with a vocal that urges action out of the listener in various forms. The rapid tempo of the track allows for stellar drum patterns and organic sounding synths to weave in and out of the soundscape flawlessly. I Be sees the Thermal Team inching closer to rap music than ever, with anthemic synths and fast vocal flow taking over the track and really adding trap music vibe.

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Posted on October 1, 2012 in Electro, Electronic, Techno

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