Seven Lions Drops His Massive Days To Come EP on OWSLA

Seven Lions Drops His Massive Days To Come EP on OWSLA

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Can you feel it? The winds of change are blowing in the EDM community and Seven Lions seems to be filling the sails and hoisting the mast with his unique take on popular electronic genres.

As a Soundlogik reader, you’re no stranger to our coverage of his fast rise to fame, and our views on the changing tide.

When we learned that Jeff Montalvo was recently picked up by Skrillex‘s new imprint, OWSLA, we were equal parts impressed and not surprised. In many ways, Seven Lions is a pioneer, much like another SL alum, Pretty Lights. Both artists refused to compromise on their unique styles, shunning the status quo, and toiling away at their art. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the industry is finally recognizing his movement and embracing his new trance-step style. And the fans are lining up in droves: after two days, his album is #1 for the week on all of Beatport and #2 overall in the iTunes Dance store.

His new Days To Come EP is a more refined and clearer vision of his craft, a perfect execution of all his influences.

Seven Lions - Days To Come EP [Full Stream]


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