Satin Jackets feat. Natalie Conway – My Original

Satin Jackets feat. Natalie Conway – My Original



Take a second to push play before you continue reading…mmmm, ok lets begin. If this new Satin Jackets track “My Original” sound a little familiar that’s because we featured it in our latest SL Mixtape Dysis (see sidebar –>). SJ has a knack for soothing the mind and body with silky disco tracks that embody a certain provocative aroma. Although the guitar is quite enticing and the tropical xylophone is one of my most potent kryptonites, my favorite aspect of this track is Natalie Conway’s sexy voice. Sample the original along with the Monsoon remix below and head over to beatport for the full release that includes a remix from the Russian duo KLar & PF. It only takes one to dance, but it takes two to disco.

Full Release: Beatport 



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