San Diego: SoCAL Music Festival Preview Night @ Fluxx [8/30]

San Diego: SoCAL Music Festival Preview Night @ Fluxx [8/30]

San Diego will see the rebirth of a street music festival this Labor Day weekend on Saturday September 1st with SoCAL Music Festival taking place downtown in East Village. Fluxx Nightclub and will be hosting the official preview night for SoCAL festival, taking artists who are performing on the Evolution Stage, SoCAL festival’s ‘emerging artist’ stage, and putting them in front of Fluxx’s audience for a taster of what’s to come this weekend.

Artists on the preview night bill include friends and awesome artists and DJs Mr.Y, gLAdiator, Kicks N Licks, Stircrazy vs Dropset, and Luke Skyy. Each will supply their own unique music flavor to the night, and the Evolution Stage to on Saturday, ranging from all types of house music, electro, techno, and who knows what else. Actually we know, but we can’t tell you by writing it because it’s something you have to see in person. Of course we’re talking about Mr.Y, who we’ve glorified on this page before so we won’t go into too much detail.. except tell you that he’s usually very modest with his work, and he made sure to tell us that he’s ‘going to blow our minds’. He’ll be using multiple pieces of hardware on stage, including but not limited to his voice, 2 analog synths, a korg kaoss pad, a voice manipulator, and guitar looper. Keep that in the back of your head if you’re deciding whether or not to go.

And for you VIP readers of SoundLogik who want to attend, be sure to send an email with subject line “SoCal Fest Preview Night Guestlist” with full names of all the people in your party to get on the free before 1030 guestlist. Let’s party!


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