Rusko shows off new song ‘Like This’ off forthcoming EP

Rusko shows off new song ‘Like This’ off forthcoming EP

It appears that UK bread, LA based Rusko will be launching his own Rusko recordings, with its first release being his own Kapow EP. After a falling out with Mad Decent somewhat marred his last album Songs, we’ve wondered what direction Rusko would take next. It’s evident that his own brand is of paramount importance to him, as he’s branching out in more ways than starting his own label. He uploaded a new track off the forthcoming EP titled Like This, which sees him experiment with mid-tempo glitch, a departure from the dub/reggae based dubstep he’s known to produce. Is the new track a welcome sign of things to come for Rusko, or is it simply a bad attempt at an unfamiliar genre for him? Listen and decide for yourself.

Rusko - Like This

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