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I don’t know what they put in their water down in Australia, but whatever it is it works! I can’t seem to stop coming across Australian musicians/producers that are putting out quality tunes. This time we’ve got the trifecta known as RÜFÜS. With their own beautiful twist on indie-pop, you’re sure to their tracks stuck on repeat. Their music can be spiritual, dancefloor, or chill-out, but either way it’s unique. Their SoundCloud had a little more info that describes these three better; “… RÜFÜS – a dancefolkpopindielectronica silenced explosion.” With their debut EP released earlier this year RÜFÜS is set to take the music scene by storm.  I was lucky enough to touch base with the guys and get a sneak peak into their minds along with some awesome tracks.

:: RÜFÜS – We Left :: [logikal]

:: RÜFÜS – Paris Collides :: [+logikal]


SoundLogik: First off I want to say thank you. It’s not every day that a band like RÜFÜS graces our pages and we are stoked on you guys stopping by to enlighten us about the faces behind the music. How does it feel to run a label, under which you guys wrote, recorded, and released your own EP?

RÜFÜS: We’ve had an awesome half a year developing our sound, creating, playing, recording and finally mixing and mastering the EP in various studios in Sydney. MONEKELEON was both born out of this process and fuelled by it. It’s been a very natural process.

SoundLogik: Your self-titled EP was released on the first of the year. How has the response been?  Any reason you guys chose this release date? Possibly inceptions of a RÜFÜS filled 2011?

RÜFÜS: Yeah its worked out as a bit of good luck for us releasing it on 1.1.11, giving us an awesome start to the year with an amazing response internationally and perfect timing to be hitting the summery streets of Sydney with our live performance. We’ll probably have to put out our second release on 2.2.22 if we’re to keep this luck going, however.

SoundLogik: Shuffling feet, tears, pure joy, discovery?  What does music do for you and why is that so special?

RÜFÜS: That feeling you get from playing a brand new CD in your car, discovering a new artist, hearing a beat, rhythm, bass line or chord that blows your mind and takes you somewhere else. That simple euphoria is someone we look for everyday.

SoundLogik: With an almost fairtytale story of RÜFÜS’ formation, what has the experience been like, and how has it changed you?

RÜFÜS: The most exciting and surprising thing for us has been how quickly our music has spread and how positively people are reacting to it. Although you never really doubt it, you definitely notice the importance of taking gambles, mixing genres, ingnoring boundaries and just creating music organically.

SoundLogik: While we’ll surely be listening to ‘Paris Collides’ and ‘We Left’ non-stop, what are some songs that you guys are really feeling right now both on the album and in general?

RÜFÜS: After having to break down all the tracks and reinterpret them for our live shows, we’ve all found a new appreciation for the tracks on the EP but the favourite at the moment has to be Fuel. I think the thing that’s cool about it is that it doesn’t follow any pre-destined structure. It just goes where it wants without it feeling like a mash of ideas, and that kick even catches us off guard sometimes. That makes it a lot of fun to play.

SoundLogik: Have you noticed a difference in the types of crowds you draw compared to traditional dance music?

RÜFÜS: We’ve definitely noticed the wider appeal that we can have across genres because of the amount of ideas and influences that we draw from. Traditional dance music draws a certain type of crowd and music enthusiast whilst we are lucky enough, so far, to appeal to crowds and fans from more than one genre.

SoundLogik: The music scene is rapidly evolving into a mixing pot of genres, you guys in particular call your unique sound indie-dance.  What is indie-dance, and why do people like it?

RÜFÜS: For us it just seems to be a natural blend of ideas with our two strongest themes emerging from indie culture and dance music; We, sometimes inadvertently, focus on an element of surprise for the audience, keeping the sound exciting and fresh but always done with a sense of dignity and respect for the genres that we operate within. Our lack of commitment to a single genre and artistic gambles toward a pastiche of styles and cultures seem to be the same middle ground that people find themselves in between their favourite genres and hopefully they appreciate our experimentation and individual sound that results from it. Basically we have a lot of fun playing with samples, sounds, ideas and a myriad of genres, structures and concepts that people are enjoying listening to.

SoundLogik: How would you advise others who share a similar passion for music trying to get their foot in the door and stake their place in the industry?

RÜFÜS: Fuck…we don’t know if we’ve staked our place just yet? But, what seems to be working for us is our persistence to take risks in whatever we’re doing. Being told you have a distinctive sound is a massive compliment and I think finding even a smidgeon of that comes from less searching the realms of music and more ignoring the barriers between things that are right in front of you.

SoundLogik: When the time comes to make new music do you guys  have specific roles, routines, or do you start playing and the magic brings it all together?

RÜFÜS: We generally begin to bounce ideas, hooks, or bass lines off each other until a song kind of reveals itself. Some of the purest moments are when we stumble across something new, when we make a mistake and fall in love with the resulting sound. From there we’ll usually nut out a structure to allow more freedom to manipulate and intensify the underlying theme. Lastly is always the vocals; we usually have a good idea of the vocal melody but never track it in until the final stage of production for that ultimate freedom.

SoundLogik: It’s always good to show appreciation for the people in your life; especially those influences who helped mold your sound over the years. Are there any artists that helped to push  your sound either as a whole or individually?

RÜFÜS: For sure- Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Booka Shade, Cut Copy, Presets, Pnau, Foals, Delphic, LCD Soundsystem/DFA, Cassius, Chemical Brothers, Gorillaz, Radiohead, Mathew Bellamy, Washed Out, Yeasayer, Caribou, The Xx, Hot Chip, Four Tet, Trentemoller, Phoenix, Soulwax, the list goes on…

SoundLogik: Word is you guys have some friends in French places, particularly On the Fruit Records, who is releasing ‘We Left’ internationally with some high profile remixes. If you guys had the chance to collaborate or share the stage with any producer/dj who would it be?

RÜFÜS: Guys like Nick Littlemore, Phillipe Zdar, James Murphy, Trentemoller, Caribou and The Xx have all been big influences on our sound and it would be amazing to share any stage with them, let alone get in the studio with them.

SoundLogik: Traditionally we like to end our interviews by asking if there’s a quote or phrase that truly describes your view on navigating this journey through life?

RÜFÜS: Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

:: RÜFÜS – Trent’s A Mess ::

:: RÜFÜS – We Left (Ride The Universe Remix) ::



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