Robosonic – Over The Edge EP

Robosonic – Over The Edge EP

You may recognize Robosonic from a post we did earlier this year on their “Worst Love EP“. The Berlin duo are at it again with their latest EP “Over The Edge“. The EP contains two tracks Over and The Edge. Both songs bring a driving tech house energy which compel you to bob your head and groove with the beat. Their songs have an infectious nature about them. You’ll often find yourself listening to each track multiple times, each time recognizing a new sound or sample that you hadn’t recognized the first time around. But what really makes Robosonic’s production stand out, is their exceptional taste in samples. In their new track The Edge, they sampled what is most recognizable in this day and age as Dr.Dre’s hit song “Next Episode”, which in fact was originally sampled from David McCallum’s “The Edge” hence the name on the EP. Robosonic’s immense knowledge of music really shines through in their productions and adds an extra dimension of interest to true music buff’s. Along with the EP Robosonic has also recorded a Podcast which is chock full of some of the hottest sounds in the tech/deep house scene right now. To learn more about Robosonic,and to stay updated on their future releases/shows, make sure to follow them via the links below.

Robosonic |Facebook | Soundcloud |

Robosonic - "Over The Edge EP"

BONUS LOGIK: OFF Recordings Podcast #75 mixed by Robosonic

ROBOSONIC - OFF 36 Mix "Over The Edge"


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