Pretty Lights – So Bright

Pretty Lights – So Bright

Pretty Lights had his single unintentionally leaked and put up for sale today on various music platforms so like the music ambassador that he is, he put it up for free on his website. The track So Bright is the first cut off of the upcoming Pretty Lights album, which he says was a “very unique and laborious process”, because each of the samples in the song were from “self composed one of a kind vinyl pressings”. Crazy, huh? The ever eclectic Pretty Lights goes at 140 bpm tempo this time around, with a great build into an arsenal of glitch. So much soul in this track, as we’ve come accustomed to with PL tracks. Keep an eye out for a short documentary on the making of the Pretty Lights album soon.

Pretty Lights - So Bright

Download at PL website

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