Poolside | Daytime Disco

Poolside | Daytime Disco

There’s no better place to be in the summertime then the poolside, basking in the warm and abundant sunlight. It’s only fitting then that we feature one of our favorite artists for summertime chilling, Poolside. The California duo has been making their fair share of music over the past year and has really caught our ear recently. The group’s genre is best described as daytime disco, that is, disco that may be a little bit more laid back and slowed down to what you are used to hearing with typical disco tracks. Poolside’s day time disco vibe is great for posting up next to the pool, beach and/or any large body of water that you might have near you. The two tracks we have featured below are to be featured on their forthcoming EP “Pacific Standard Time” which will be released July, 9th. Until that time lay back relax and soak in the laid back vibes poolside.

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