Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s ‘Rave To The Grave’ Remix)

Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s ‘Rave To The Grave’ Remix)

Future Classic‘s most recent signee Panama hit the scene with a bang with their hip single It’s Not Over, which garnered lots of praise from the every thirsty indie scene. A few remixes have been contracted for the great original, including one by UK house producer Ejeca who continues to impress with each release. His ‘Rave To The Grave’ remix of It’s Not Over strips the indie feel from the original and replaces it with an ambient soundscape of kicks and light high hats. If Ejeca continues to progress in this fashion and keep showcasing the variety in his productions, the sky is the limit.

Panama - It's Not Over (Ejeca's 'Rave To The Grave' Remix)

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